Thursday, 12 April 2012

Indian supper club

The next Arbutus supper club is going all Eastern and I'll be serving up a range of Indian dishes to my lovely supper clubbers. Avid readers will know that I'm really keen on Indian food. I was lucky enough to visit India briefly a few years ago and one of my favourite memories from being there was the fantastic street food on offer. The first week I was there, I obediently turned away from the delicious and exotic aromas coming from the street vans, terrified of the inevitable illnesses that would surely follow if I succumbed to the temptation. I quickly realised, the fact of it is, if you're a wimpy westerner like me, chances are you'll get sick at some point while you're in India. You might as well enjoy yourself before you do. It's worth it. I don't think there's a food out there that conjures up such sensations and memories as Indian street food; the taste, the smell, the noise of the streets. It's wonderful and inspiring. And so, in what will be a vague attempt at recreating some of those delicious tastes and sensations, I'll be serving up some Indian street food for starters (a first for me) followed by some delicious curries and finished off with a refreshing Indian ice-cream. Seats for the next supper club are all booked but keep an eye out for future dates. You can email me at for enquires. 

Indian supper club menu

bombay mix
chola tikki


beetroot and beef curry
tarka dahl 
tandoori mushroom, spinach and chickpea salad

pilau rice
coriander chapati
kulfi w mango and pistachio biscuits



Donations of 20 euro payable on arrival
Please let me know of any allergies/dietary needs and I will do my best to accommodate you
We provide a complimentary drink on arrival but after that you're on you own, bring a bottle if so desired!

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