I started this blog in 2011 after I moved home from years abroad in London. I've always been hugely into food and spend way too much of the way too little money I earn gorging on everything and anything I can find. In London, everything was to be found. When I moved home I found that not only was Dublin a very different place than when I left it, but also I'd never been grown up enough while living here previously to know much about the culinary offerings of the city. So, I wasn't exactly sure where to start exploring. Supper clubs were the talk of the town in London at the time and I figured starting one of my own would be as good an excuse as any to explore Dublin's markets and the more exotic of it's many food emporiums. And no good supper club can be complete without a bit of social networking and blogging to go with it. Hence the Arbutus Club was born. 

As with all good things, the supper club has kind of come to an end, although I'd never say never to future dates. The  blog has been in a rather deep coma for the last few months but after a recent and rather uncharacteristically impulsive move to Brussels, I'll be reviving it with tales of my culinary adventures abroad. 


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