Thursday, 23 February 2012

supper club - 30th March

The meal for the next supper club has been inspired by two cookbooks, Moro and Pizzaro. I've still never managed to go to Moro but I'm utterly inspired by their cookbooks and their style of food. On my last trip to London I happened upon another Spanish gem Pizarro. Again I didn't actually go to the restaurant (it's on my incredibly long list) but instead opted to recreate from their cookbook in my sister's flat (which is only up the road from the restaurant, so it's kind of like I was there). Their recipes are fantastic and well worth a try. Anyway, both of these books have inspired me to put together the menu for this club. As always, if you're interested in attending, send an email to


marinated olives




mutumma (slow cooked lamb with beans + coriander)
chopped salad


chocolate, hazelnut and almond cake


donations for the evening are 20 euro payable on arrival
please let me know if there are any allergies and I will try to accommodate you

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