Thursday, 30 January 2014

Settling into a new year

A wise man once said 'a good blog never ends'......actually he didn't. Wise men probably have much better things to be ruminating on than blogs, but I kind of felt those words apply to me regardless. I've abandoned this blog many times for different reasons but still find myself returning to it time and time again. So either I once again have something interesting to blog about, or it being January, the quietest month in my year, I am once again bored. Either way, here I am again.

I've been itching for a while to get back into a routine of cooking for people. The last year has for various reasons seen me more out of the kitchen than in it. A summer spent between Brussels and Dublin meant that I was much more interested in trying out new restaurants than eating any of my own creations. Autumn and winter seems to have vanished without me noticing, leaving nothing but a mountain of receipts to prove it existed! But now that I'm back home and settling into a new year I find I'm keen to get things going again.

This motivation may have a little to do with finding inspiration in the endeavours of others. A good friend, with a new found obsession with all things oaty, is embarking on an exciting venture to bring oats from the dark ages into the hearts and kitchens of all. It's great to see someone putting all their efforts behind their passion and really going for it and I'm not afraid to say, I'm stealing a few crumbs from the table of her motivation. It's quite impossible to be unmotivated around motivated people, and I'll take it where I can!

To this end, my next culinary endeavour will be to resurrect the Arbutus Supper Club, only this time with a twist. We'll be moving to brunch and I'll be teaming up with Sarah to bring delicious and surprising porridge creations sure to change even the most stubborn porridge hater. And if you still can't be convinced of the porridge, there'll be plenty of other treats to keep you sated too.

Sarah's Wild Oats porridge adventures can be found over at her lovely blog.

picture courtesy of @wildirishoats

Our first brunch club will be taking place on the 22nd of February so watch this space for more details!

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