Friday, 8 July 2011

Cake update!

OK, so I just made the chocolate custard. Can anyone answer me? Why is it that we follow instructions so blindly when every fiber of our body tells us it won't work out? I learned about cornflour today....and it wasn't that much fun.

I've been warned about hummingbird recipes being somewhat unreliable before and today I experienced first hand the frustration. The cornflour to water ratio in this recipe is a disaster. After gasping at the amount of cornflour I was putting in the mix, followed by much tutting and shaking of the head when I added the water and discovered the mess I was left with (resembling a paint pot that had been left with the lid off for some days) I went ahead and threw the lot on top of my lovely chocolaty, sugary pot of deliciousness. Why was I so surprised when it didn't work out, I clearly followed the recipe? I was left with chocolaty deliciousness dotted with copious amounts of white cornflour blobs which, after much stirring, whipping, beating and food processing, would not go away. I gave up...and started again.

Now had this not been for such a special occasion I would have left it as it was, it was fine, but as I said, it's a special cake for a special birthday so I decided to go for round two. So, this time I used my common sense. I used slightly less cornflour and a lot more water, about 125g:200ml. The mix was fairly runny and had NO LUMPS! The result was good, although not entirely lump free.

The jury's out on whether it was worth the effort/anyone would have noticed the difference, but I suppose I'll know! For the record they both tasted pretty good, but I was just too badly burned by the struggle of my first effort for it ever to have worked out between us. Me and number two are getting along much better thanks.

Cakes next!


  1. I want cake. If I pretend it's my birthday, will you make me cake? I especially want chocolate custard. I want it more than I've ever wanted anything. Please oh please oh please.

  2. well, seeing as I have double the amount of chocolate custard than I need, it's here waiting for you!

  3. Me and Dave want choco custard cake too.