Tuesday, 12 July 2011

First Supper Club Menu

So the first supper club is going to be on Saturday the 23rd of July and I'm having a middle eastern themed menu. This is pretty much my favourite kind of food - fresh ingredients, simple cooking, strong flavours. Also it's the kind of food that's great at bringing people together. Big meze platters, tagines, salads, flatbreads, dips. What more could you want? The Moro cookbook will be getting a thorough read for the occasion - I can highly recommend this as an inspirational bible. I love it and have never been let down by a recipe. Also if you're ever in London, their restaurant is in Exmouth Market (great shopping and eating) and it's delicious. Go.

So, here's the menu. Let me know if you've any comments or suggestions.


dips and flatbread

beetroot dip


spinach and feta fatayer

vine leaves

lamb tagine

green salad

rosewater panna cotta



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